The gourmet paradise has a name: Street Food! In the side streets you will find countless street food shops and stalls. The street food sellers live off the patronage. In the morning, before getting to work, many people come for a meal or buy something for breakfast. The same goes for the evening. When many people come home from work, they avoid themselves on shopping, they avoid themselves cooking and buy something delicious in the stalls or go out to eat in a small shop.

That's a very nice thing you should treat yourself too. You can buy the individual ingredients at different stalls, sometimes in one stall is to buy a chicken, but only the other has the special rice that you would like to have. Or if you go to a small shop that has something to eat, but nothing to drink, no problem: you get your drink from the nearest supermarket and then take it to the shop where you want to eat. Sabaii Sabaii, it all so nice uncomplicated :-)

And if you've rented a private room or a whole apartment privately, street food is downright perfect! You buy the delicious food, you have already bought drinks and have in the fridge. In the own accommodation then comfortably eat something is also a great thing. And the great thing is that street food is usually not only extremely tasty, but also very cheap!