The idea is not necessarily new, there are already several other bloggers who have written about their trip to Thailand, or other sites with lots of information about Thailand, and especially about Bangkok. What we want to offer is a global page with comprehensive information about Bangkok. We would like to try to illustrate the unbelievably large variety of companies, events, and the many small facets that make up the life of Bangkok, collected on one website. Not an easy task.

That alone may still not be "new enough". This website should not only inform you, it should encourage you to participate. We do not want to include a like system, and visitors can then annotate the content in the form of annotations. We want to go another way, we are looking for a direct exchange of experiences and exciting to individual experiences.

The personal touch, the handling of people, i. E. primarily with the people in Thailand / Bangkok. We want to address more than package holidays and package tourists. Thailand is a beautiful country with friendly and accommodating people, as a tourist, as a guest of their country and their cities, you will receive a warm welcome everywhere. We would like to give you ideas on how to get in contact with people in a simple way and how a holiday can turn into an unforgettable holiday.

As a general rule

Generally speaking, there are many ways in which a travel planner may or may not be necessary or helpful. If you have traveled to faraway countries many times, you will basically have no problems finding your way around Bangkok. Maybe you want to be completely surprised by the flair of a city. Knowing a lot beforehand does not have to make a trip any less exciting, on the contrary, you sometimes save yourself time and nerves on many things that you can put into your holiday.


Make My Bangkok Holiday will show you sights and events for business, including many well-known tours, but we also think of some very specific things that shape Bangkok's city life as well as well-known tourist attractions. What are your experiences? Did our travel tips help you retrospectively? What would you possibly supplement or do differently? Please do not forget, we are still at the beginning of our project, the content will grow steadily. Now many things are missing, which will be supplemented in the future. Suggestions are of course welcome.


When describing the content on this website, we rely 100% on our own experience. All sights, restaurants, shops, malls, events, etc. we visited ourselves and the photos are made by ourselves. We try to inform extensively in all areas, which is not always easy. Bangkok is a fast-moving city, many things change, come back to new or disappear completely from the scene. If you miss something, you can supplement our experiences with your personal experiences and want to write us! We are always grateful for a supplementary contact.


Personal impressions are one thing, authenticity another. Our experiences and impressions have not come from simply visiting certain landmarks, from the contact and the authors living in Bangkok, we can add that extra experience to our descriptions and give a very authentic image of Bangkok.


As a travel planner, we are not content to describe Bangkok as a destination, we do not just give you simple tips to book any hotel rooms, we bring in our own experiences AND we want you to do the same! We give you the opportunity to tell us about your personal experiences you have made in Bangkok. These can then be presented in the blog section.


There are too many things that are best left to others, but still fit well into your own concept. Make My Bangkok Holiday should help you to create your own individual holiday. There is no longer the one special vacationer these days, the wishes and requirements and also the own preferences to make a vacation, are manifold.

Whereas in the past, for example, only hotel accommodation came into question, or Back Packer looked around for hostels or hostels, nowadays renting private rooms and apartments is a very interesting and affordable alternative to live in the holiday city. It is actually a living possible, more than just "sleeping in a lifeless room.

Another thing is, for example, tour guides who offer individual and carefully designed tours. On our website we offer tour guides the opportunity to present themselves. We will not teach tours directly, but give only lone fighters the ability to create a tour guide profile and offer their tours. And we inform about other portals that provide tour guides.

For free

The contents shown on Make My Bangkok Holiday are free to watch. We do not ask for money when it comes to presenting information. Most areas of our website are free to use. But we also offer individual options, such as the creation of an online profile, with which, for example, tour guides, taxi drivers, landlords of apartments can present. Here, too, we would like to convey free communication possibilities between the provider and the user in the base; beyond a certain extent, this can only be guaranteed for a fee. How that looks, you will find out in the appropriate areas.

Win Win

If you would like to share your experiences with us and are ready to publish them on Make My Bangkok Holiday, we are happy to do so. We look at your request (application) and decide if we want to add your blog to our website or not. We have to choose this route because first of all we do not want to offer our own blog system, and we want to make sure BEFORE a publication that you are the author of the texts, or the author of taken photos. A fee for your blog is usually not provided, as it should result in a win-win situation: we benefit from your blog, you benefit from the traffic of our website and can thus advertise your external blogs.