Probably the simplest form is to rent a hotel room. There are many hotel search portals where the most famous and largest hotels should be found. Due to the large number of bookings, you will also find a high number of reviews, which makes the search for the right accommodation much easier. In addition, hotels are equipped with breakfast, lunch, dinner or more comfort depending on the offer. With a hotel room you have a certain security, if you also booked a trip with a package travel organizer. If there is stress with a hotel room, you can claim more easily in these cases.


Many young people, mainly backpackers, prefer a cheap way to stay the nights and stay in a Hostel. The main characteristic for a Hostel is their multi-bed rooms, known as dorms. In these dorms are different numbers of beds, so you share the nights with other guests. The beds can be single beds, double beds or loft beds. But if you want to have more comfort, even this is possible. Hostels often has also single and double rooms with private bathrooms. You pay more for these types of rooms than for a stay in a shared room. When you dont have your private bathroom, you share a bathroom with showers and toilets with the other guests. In addition to the bathroom, there are other rooms for common use. These include the kitchen, a lounge and a laundry room. The kitchens usually are equipped with all the utensils that guests can use to cater for themselves.

Private Hosting

If you want to stay in a private accommodation, there are various search portals, where you can rent individual rooms to whole apartments. This form of living has its advantages. For example, you can contact the landlords if you take a private room. This sometimes has a personal touch, get some tips for tours from locals.

If you decide to rent a whole apartment, the possibilities expand again. Here the greatest possible flexibility, as well as the greatest possible own initiative is required. If you have just rent a single room in an apartment, you share the apartment with the owner and breakfast is possible. If you have your own complete apartment, there is no breakfast and there is no lunch or dinner as you could get in the hotel. But that's exactly what you might want to decide for yourself!

Everything you need for self-sufficiency can be found in the countless supermarkets such as 7 Eleven, Family Mart or Tesco Lotus. You buy individually the things of the daily need and to eat you can find food stalls anyway on every corner ;-) With a privately rented whole accommodation you are almost completely independent, but also on its own, in case if it should give problems.

Advantages are: usually there is a kitchen in whole units, so you either can heat up some food in a microwave or you can cook yourself --- the apartments are often very cheap, but overall much larger than a single hotel room --- sometimes there is a washing machine in the apartment itself or at least in the condo where the apartment is, or there could be a laundry service in big condos. Being able to do your laundry yourself is another luxury. Its being indepent like in a Hostel, but with much more comfort.

Disadvantage are: often there is no direct contact with the landlord, a direct key / keycard handover does not exist. Then the keys / keycards are deposited in a mailbox. And mailboxes are then often in the building, which one must first enter. On the way then into the building you have to look first, that someone opens the door, which can be under certain circumstances the security service that there are in front of (almost) all homes. But usually this way is no problame at all and it works very fine.