Sabaii Sabii

Other countries, other manners. As a tourist from a western country, you often have certain ideas and expectations. This is on the one hand certainly good, you would like to have a nice holiday. One should not forget a thing fundamentally: you are a guest in another country and should behave accordingly! Should one actually come into conflict, because the food does not taste, because the service did not like or whatever, always keep calm. You are used to looking at things quickly, robustly, loudly and sometimes emotionally. That does not help you in Thailand. It is better to look at the situation calmly. You only loses through a direct and loud quarrel, you loses your face, and you loses the respect of the opposite. And who knows, who learns a certain serenity and takes this home, benefits much more.

Sabaii Sabii II

Another anecdote from a holiday: the return to the airport. The many times you were in Bangkok, there was never any problems, purely in the taxi and off to the airport. Now it can happen that you get into an unfortunate situation. There is a lot of traffic jam right now and the driver is trying to escape the crowd of drivers via side roads. But he is not alone, because many have thought the same and the side streets are not faster, on the contrary. At some point you take a road where you are apparently on the way back to the airport, or should be, but the driver has completely lost his bearings. So you have to change the taxi and continue with the next driver, who knows the way and then you arrive in time at the airport. That's what happened. But that does not mean that taxi drivers are incapable, it was just bad luck. If you want to avoid traffic jam, go by Airport Rail Link, that's what it was built for.

Accidents & Injuries

On holiday you want to relax, and you do not want to think of a disease or even injury due to an accident. Unfortunately, something can always happen to you, there is no guarantee for a safe holiday. What to do if you are not feeling well? Let's start with the little things, like headache, stomach hypersensitivity to food (not everyone can handle spicy food equally well). In Bangkok, there are many pharmacies where you can get free medicine, not every medicine you have bought at home before the journey. Against the discomfort you get in the pharmacies already quite good advice and medicines for various ailments.

What can I do if I have a toothache? Dentist practices are abundant in Bangkok, they are usually well-equipped and offer besides treating acute toothache also many other services such as Bleeching. Since the treatments are generally quite cheap, many tourists can also make crowns and implants.

If you have an accident, more injuries, maybe even a bit of a fracture, there are many hospitals in Bangok that are equipped with technical as well as competent doctors. One of the most famous Hospitals is the Bangkok Hospital located at Soi Soonvijai 7, New Petchaburi Road.

Telephone List - Hotlines & Emergency Numbers.

Where do you call when you need help? The emergency numbers are valid nationwide. For calls additional dialing code for the city must be selected, for Bangkok this is the 02

Tourist Police phone: (02) 1155

Police phone: (02) 191

Fire Department phone: (02) 199

Ambulance / Medical Emergency Service phone: (02) 1669

Tourist Complaint Hotline phone: (02) 1111

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Call Center: (02) 1672

Bangkok Tourist Assistance Centre phone: (02) 281 5051

BTS Hotline phone: (02) 617 6000