Why do we need rules?

To protect us AND to protect you! In this digital world so many things are possible and when we believe in mostly honest people, there are even some black sheeps. And next to this point, many people does not know about the copyright rules or they ignore it. Some points seems easy, but others are difficult, because next to the intention to follow the rules, there could be different kind of rules, as different rules in different countries. So, we on Make My Bangkok Holiday will tell you what is important for us.


In an online Blog are THREE main components: Text --- Images --- Videos. We accept all of this in your Blog and feel happy if you enjoy to share your experiences from a Tour in Bangkok. About our copyright rules, we don't ask for any special requirement, the rules of copyright are the same as they should be accepted and followed all over the world.

Text: When you write a Blog, write a text, it must be your own text! People follow to have an own style in writing and other things for representing, thats ok, show us your style! People get inspired by what they see and what they read, but for your Blogs its not allowed to copy text from other websites, from other Blogs, from other authors!

Images 1: Almost the same as create text. It is easy to search and copy images from other people. We don't accept this way. ALL images you want to show in your Blog on Make My Bangkok Holiday must be taken by your own! You must be the owner of the camera or phone which you used to take your images. One proof about this can be, that we accept the original files from your images, no small copy size!

Images 2: Content of the images. Example: you took a photo of one people, or more people? If there is one person on a photo, like a portrait close up, you need the permission of this person to publish your photo! The same is when you show a small group of people, you need their permission. Different to this is, for example you took a photo from a beach and there are people on the beach. When you show the beach as a kind of panorama photo, to give some impression about the beach, then people in the background on the image must not give you a permission to publish this photo.

Video: It is almost the same as create images. If you want to give some impression of place, that's ok. If you show some people in close up, probably also a permission to publish is needed.

If you are not sure what image or video is ok or not, don't hesitate to ask. And, before we publish any photo or video, we will check your files and will inform you whats necessary in a special case.

Fee & Limits

Free - Limits: To publish a Blog is for free, there are no costs for you, while using the BASIC Blog. Basic Blog means: Limit of images is 30 images --- Limit of Videos is 3 videos.

Costs - No Limits: To publish a Blog with more images or more videos as in the basic Blog, a fee will be needed. Usually we think up to 30 images and 3 videos should be enough to write an extensive Blog. If you want to show more, contact us.

Your rights as the owner of the Blog

You decide about the content, the number of images, the number of videos, you can feel free to write about your experiences, even when you made bad ones. After the day of publishing your Blog, you have the right to say when you want that your Blog shall be deleted again, without telling us any reason. But only the author is authorized to demand to delete a Blog! You also can tell us a Link to your own Website or Blogsite and we will set a Link to it. Once you gave us the permission to publish your Blog with your images and videos, for sure you can publish your content at any other place you want, too.

Our rights as the publisher of the Blog

The author transfer all the necessary items of the Blog to Make My Bangkok Holiday and authorizes us to publish your Blog. We do have the same right to delete your Blog(s) at any time, without telling any reason. Usually we want to publish your Blog on our website, next to this in some cases - when the author gave the permission to that point too - we use some components of the Blog on our (future) Facebook Website.

Win Win Situation

We want to give ALL visitors on this website the best possibility to get information and impressions about Tours & Events in Bangkok. Blogs from authors who are not working for Make My Bangkok Holiday, can give some further impressions, and thats also an important point, they can tell some independent experiences & impressions they made. So, this website Make My Bangkok Holiday wins from any further content.

When our website will be popular in the web, we will have many visitors on this website every day. So, this could be a chance for you to get further visitors on your own Website or Blogsite.


For every work in cooperation, for every Blog we publish with the content the author sent to us, we will make a contract. This is needed for both sites, as being protected and being permitted to publish the content. As we mentioned in the copyrights, the author is responsible for the content, the author must confirm in this contract, that he / she is the author of the written text, is the owner of the images and videos.

If there is any breach about the contract, for example the author is not the owner of the images, the author will be responsible for any punishment or consequences!


Our rules are not special, in no way. On any other professional website you would need to agree to the same points. These points help us to represent a professional, honest website with useful information and experiences. And these rules protect both sites: the author and our website in the same way.